In so much of today’s music I hear technology, with the ‘No Roads In', I hear people. - Tim Palmer, Mix Engineer (Austin, TX).

No Roads In - Feature Documentary
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No Roads In - Feature Documentary

‘No Roads In’ is a musical journey for singer/songwriter Blake Reid, sound engineer Adam Naugler and the musicians of the Blake Reid Band. Their paths are brought together by the very basis of musical inspiration. They have a common desire to reconsider what is really important in music, and in life.  Together they find the faith to explore a process of making music that does not rely on advanced digital recording technologies, controlled studio environments, or commercial expectations, but rather, more closely resembles the way they feel music was meant to be created and shared. It’s the telling of stories, together, as friends, in a place with soul, in harmony with the elements, live, in-the-pocket, authentic, and captured entirely in the moment.

There is a place that Adam had discovered a few years back, a place that spoke to him, a special place, it had been pulling at him ever since he'd first found it. It was this very place that started Adam on this journey, but this place would come with many challenges. Standing empty for almost 80 years, in the middle of a thousand acres of prairie wheat field, this long-forgotten farmstead is brought back to life, helping to capture the love, laughter and raw energy of 13 songs recorded live-off-the-floor over 5 summer days in Western Canada.  The house, the wheat, and the wind were natures instruments and the journey was filled with challenges and uncertainty. The songs are not played technically perfect, but the acoustic performances captured in the amazing old house, with the people, the wind, the wheat, and all the elements are completely pure, and that makes them all more than perfect. The guys found magic within that old house.

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