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‘Jony’ is the smiling little brother of the band, always upbeat, a seasoned pro, he’s the man that keeps it all groovin. In Jony’s own words ‘I’m the guy that makes people want to dance… it’s a good job’. A product of New Hampshire, Jony grew up an avid music lover whose passion for the drums eventually saw him completing a BA in Music Performance, Jazz Studies at the University of Southern Maine, studying under greats such as Les Harris Jr. (USM), Nancy Smith (Portland Symphony Orchestra), and Yoron Israel (Berklee). Jon has played everything from Jazz, Folk, Avant-guard Rock, Classical, Bee-bop, Country and beyond with many amazing groups that offered him the experience of touring extensively throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe. As a talented composer, teacher, recording artist and player, Jon brings a thoughtfulness to his craft, allowing his talent and creativity to bridge any gap between genres.

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