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Adam Naugler: Image


Co-Creator | Sound Engineer

Adam’s love for music was cemented when his parents bought him an old nicked up Fender Tele at a very young age. As he recalls “it was a big investment for my parents at the time”.  Adam’s playing eventually lead him to take apart that old Tele, only to find a metal guitar pick, that was engraved by the original owner, tucked away within the electronics. Adam was fascinated by that discovery and it started his life-long passion to find the truth... in sound and in music.

From that early age, Adam was driven to play music and he played in as many bands as he could, everything from rock to jazz, blues to country. It was a natural transition for Adam to then explore recording sound. Playing and recording music became his outlet.

His passion eventually lead to enrollment in the academy of production and recording arts and the rest is history. Adam dove into every aspect of sound that he could. He started with live sound productions, then transitioned to mobile trucks for live TV broadcasts, and then into the studio as a post-production audio engineer and finally into field audio work for documentaries and reality tv. Adam now has 100’s of hours of TV, film and documentary credits as a post-production audio mixer and field sound recordist.

In Adam’s words “I'm a guy who gravitates toward the challenging. Some guys prefer the safety of the studio, where as I’m most comfortable in the dirt.”

Reid Band from the very beginning. As Lead Singer, they take on quite a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other bandmates with perfecting their performances.

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